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Know more about composite veneer

Know more about composite veneer

Composite dental crowns which are also called composite veneer are flexible materials this are placed in mouth proportional to the teeth and they are mainly used for modifying smile pattern. This advantage creates a different appearance and raised self-confidence for the people. Composite veneers are one of the types of crowns which significantly help to modification of smile pattern. Composite makes the smile pattern and the teeth white and attractive, and as a result, the person’s self-confidence is raised. For this purpose, it should be done by a cosmetic dentist to gain a satisfactory result.

What is composite veneer?

Composite veneer is the name of a therapeutic technique used in cosmetic dentistry. By using cosmetic composites, the dentist creates a beautiful color and form on your teeth. Using composite veneer is very effective for making the teeth beautiful, ordering them, modifying the smile pattern, etc. Even in many cases, composite veneer is suggested for whitening the teeth. It should be mentioned that working with these materials is very difficult and the dentist’s specialty and skill has a great important.

How composite veneer is chosen?

Regarding the form of the face and taking advantage of aesthetics, experienced cosmetic dentist chooses the best and the most ideal type and form of the composite based on the applicant’s demand. Choosing the composite depends on the color of face and the form of lips.

What is the usage of composite veneers?

These composites do not cause any damage to the teeth, because composite crowns do not create any gap or material in the teeth.

Who is the appropriate candidate for composite veneer?

  •  People with ugly-colored teeth
  • People with irregular and unordered teeth
  • People with teeth located on each other People with broken teeth
  • People with very long teeth
  • People with small and short teeth

 How long is the lifecycle of dental composite veneers?

If the cosmetic dentist uses strong and resistant crowns and if the applicants are careful in preserving them, composite veneers will remain for ten years. If you only want to modify the smile pattern, the most appropriate choice is composite veneer. The dentist should inform the applicant about the necessary cares after putting the composites to preserve them for a long time.

How composite veneer is placed on the teeth?

This process is done in one session and the composites are placed on the surface of the teeth. The teeth are not cut at all and healthy and clear teeth are resulted.

How helpful can the dentist’s experience and skill be in this process?

If the applicant goes to an experienced and skilled cosmetic dentist, it significantly helps the uniformity of the teeth and the smile pattern in addition to its long life cycle. However, if the dentist does not have enough experience, the result will be negative.

Necessary cares after putting composite veneers

1. Not nibbling hard foods

2. Regular brushing

3.Using a soft brush

4. Using mouthwash with prescription by cosmetic dentist


Does composite veneer prevent tooth decay?

Most people believe that laminate does not cause any damage to the teeth. However since they are placed on the tooth surface as a soft tissue, they may cause damage. This is because of no gap between the tooth shell and the laminates. The thin ceramic or composite layer which is put on the tooth becomes like a tissue of the tooth. As a result, in the case of damage to the teeth, the laminate or composite is damaged, too.

What are the advantages of composite veneer?

  •  Improvement of apparent problems of the teeth by the composites
  • Modification of deformity and irregularity of the teeth Modification of smile pattern
  • Improving the ugly color and fractures of the teeth
  • No need to cutting the teeth
  • Creating a same color as the applicant’s own teeth
  • Quick restoration of the teeth
  • Resistance to high pressure while chewing
  • No need to molding


Do composite veneer need to plaque removal?

Yes, because the materials used in dental laminates take color and for removing the created colors, they should be checked by cosmetic dentists and plaque removal should be done by their order.


What is the advantage of composite veneer over ceramic veneer?

The advantage of composite veneers to other methods is that the teeth are not cut and no damage is caused to the tooth enamel. However, in the cases that the tooth is twisted more than the normal extent, we need to cut the tooth, but these cases are rare. It should be mentioned that for protecting the health of the gum in long term, composite veneer is appropriate for improving usual irregularities, but it is not suggested for more server cases. Also, composite veneer can be modified later again, but this possibility does not exist in ceramic laminates

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