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dental ceramic Laminate

dental ceramic Laminate

Cosmetic dentistry is a combination of scientific principals and artistic ability. Dental Laminates is considered as one of the most popular treatments to achieve a beautiful smile line. Dental Laminates is a harmless treatment which gives your teeth a good strength and esthetics. In this treatment you can chose the shape and color of your teeth. This article helps you find out whether you are a good candidate for dental laminates or not?

What is the application of ceramic Laminates?

Eliminating stains, dental crowding, malposition and large gap between teeth could be achieved by this treatment. Laminates have more than other Tooth colored restorative materials. This is the best choice for people who are not satisfied with their restorations or crowns.

Indications for using laminates of ceramic veneers

1_ dark and stained teeth

2_ closing gaps between the teeth

3_ fix slight or moderate crowding

4_ to fix cheeped or broken teeth

5_ maternal or fluorosis stains

6_ for teeth who are inclined toward tongue

Contraindication for use of ceramic laminates

1_ teeth that had lost their height due to grinding

2_ teeth that are inclined toward lips

3_If tooth enamel thickness is not enough

4_ individuals with poor oral hygiene

5_ individuals who have oral habits like bruxism, grinding or wears

The advantages of ceramic laminates

 Natural impressing beauty

 Resistance to stain

More strength than composite

 It doesn’t need anesthesia

Disadvantages of ceramic laminates

  •  They should be replaced If they are broke or chipped.
  • If the teeth are prepared to much and it reaches the dentin it can cause in weak bond and laminate may fails.
  • It is not applicable in teeth with extensive caries or old restorations
  • After cementing and bonding the shape and color could not be changed.
  • Costs are high comparing with similar treatments

 It is notably worthy to mention that new generation of laminates have life for about 25 years and they need little preparation.

Longevity of dental ceramic Laminates

  • It should be mentioned that the longevity of laminates depends primarily to following instruction after treatment. And also the experience of dentist play a significant role to increase longevity.
  • Chewing hard and tough food may lead to laminates chipping. You could increase the longevity by maintaining oral hygiene.
  • Laminates are designed in a way that if they are damaged they could be replaced by the experienced dentist.
  • Teeth may become a little sensitive in the first few days, you could relieve the sensitivity by using anti sensitivity tooth pastes.
  • Io order to increase longevity of Laminates you should carefully follow dentist’s postoperative instructions.
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